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When it comes to the various modern marketing methods you can use for business, there are lots to consider. From social media to content marketing, it is clear that the digital age has given organisations plenty of choices. One method of advertising your business services and helping customers find you is by listing on a web directory. This is still a digital marketing method many organisation use for the ease and effectiveness it brings to the table.

What is a web directory?

In simple terms, it is a list of companies who provide a specific service online that consumers can look at. This means that when you list on a web directory you are increasing the exposure your company is getting online. Many people would not visit your site directly or even find it via a search engine but would see it listed when they browse the relevant web directory.

What other benefits does it offer?

The one really important bonus of listing on a web directory is the link building and link influence boost it gives you. By selectively listing your site on the most relevant web directories around you are establishing links with that directory. As the modern web directories are carefully moderated to only contain relevant sites, the search engines, in turn, recognise this. All this adds up to your site getting the value of building links with the web directory and the link influence of being on there with the other quality websites. Listing on a web directory is also great for grabbing inbound links that the search engines love.

Don't forget about page rank too

Everyone will be familiar with page ranking. It is simply the process whereby the search engines look at your website and rank it to display in the on-screen results, based on the criteria they operate to. By listing on an authoritative directory, you are letting the search engines know you are there to look at and associated with another pages they trust. This will in turn then make them crawl your site where your other SEO efforts like fresh content, keywords and image optimisation can come into play thus boosting your page rank.

Do it right

Of course, there are no absolute guarantees when it comes to listing on a web directory. However, if you carefully select the most relevant ones to use and don't go overboard by submitting to lots then it can certainly help out. If you have never thought of using this type of digital marketing tactic before then maybe now is the time to consider it.



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